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Yoga Fitness Pilates Ring

Yoga Fitness Pilates Ring

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-Ergonomic design: The most popular yoga ring is designed according to the human body curve, used for massage, relax muscles, help strengthen the fascia, improve posture and strengthen the core. It works with any bending of the body to help correct posture, help to improve hunger, spine and relieve back pain.
-Multi-function: Not only can it be used to tighten the thigh, you can also lift the leg to straighten the core, adjust the arm, exercise the muscles of the abdomen, arms, chest, bones and buttocks; it is very suitable for people suffering from disease Such as strengthening the hip bone or hip temptation exercise
-Easy to use: Whether working in the office or watching TV at home, it helps to strengthen the upper layers of the muscles, preventing or relieving pain. This ring enhances and enhances your body in just a few minutes a day, while increasing training efficiency.


Product category: Yoga ring Pilates ring
Brand: Love Pilates
Specifications: Regular Style-Pink, Regular Style-Blue, Regular Style-Purple, Regular Style-Gray, Regular Style-Black, Regular Style-Green, Small Black
Applicable scenarios: fitness equipment, fitness and bodybuilding, dance sports, venue entertainment equipment
Place of use: home, gym, school, training institution, yoga studio
Product color: pink, purple, gray, black, blue, blue

Material: plastic + EVA + fiberglass
Size: inner diameter 38cm outer diameter 39cm

Package Content:
1x Pilates Ring 

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