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Red Light Therapy Joint Pain Relief

Red Light Therapy Joint Pain Relief

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Power Source: Electric

Material: Metal

Function: Skin Tightening

Function: Skin Rejuvenation

Number of Pieces: One Unit

Products: red light therapy lamp

Function 1: skin regeneration

Function 2: relieve muscle soreness

Function 3: relieve neck pain

Function 4: relieve joint pain

Function 5: firm skin

Features 1: 660nm red light therapy

Features 2: 850nm infrared phototherapy

Features: LED Photon Therapy

1. Upgrade the red light therapy lamp: each therapy bulb has a total of 18 high-power LEDs. 9pcs 660nm deep red LED + 9pcs 850nm near-infrared LED, making it the best wavelength for phototherapy. Infrared is invisible to the naked eye, so when using this bulb, only half of the chip will emit light
2. Promote blood circulation: Infrared rays can penetrate the deep layers of the skin. Promote thermal circulation, increase the phagocytosis of white blood cells, and improve the body's immunity. Infrared light enhances cell viability Under infrared light irradiation, cell telangiectasia, metabolism, cell viability and regeneration are improved
3. Relieve muscle soreness after exercise: 9PCS high-power 660nm and 9PCS high-power 850nm (the color looks darker, but the efficiency is higher), which can penetrate deeper muscles and physical problems. for more effective pain relief.
4. 54W infrared light source: Due to the more uniform distribution of heat in the irradiation area, the irradiation area covers a wider area, which can effectively relieve pain in joints, neck, back and other limbs
5. Promote rapid wound healing, increase skin moisture and collagen production, and promote metabolism.

Product parameters:
1. High-power 3W light source
2. LED quantity: 18pcs
3. Infrared 850NM+660NM ratio
4. E27 interface
5. Material: aluminum alloy sandblasted, oxidized black
6. Input voltage: 100-240V AC; 50/60Hz
7. Light intensity: > 100mW /
8. Power: 54W

Package includes: 
1*Physiotherapy lamp

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2. Due to manual measurement, please allow an error of 1-3cm.
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