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Red Light Therapy Full Body Pain Relief

Red Light Therapy Full Body Pain Relief

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Power Source: Outside Charger

Material: ABS

Certification: CE

Function: Skin Tightening

Function: Skin Rejuvenation

Function: Anti-acne

Function: Blemish Removal

Function: Anti Wrinkle

Function: Whitening

Function: Lifting

Number of Pieces: One Unit

product 1: red light beauty lamp

product 2: led light panel

product 3: infrared led light

product 4: wrinkle remover machine

wavelength: 660nm and 850nm

Function 1: Increase collagen production

Function 2: pain relief

Function 3: promote muscle recovery

Function 4: Relieve joint pain, swelling, stiffness caused by arthritis

Function 5: Accelerates cell metabolism

Red Light Therapy Led 660nm And 850nm Infrared Anti Aging Whitening Lamp Spider Vein Wrinkle Skin Spots Removal Wrinkle Remover Machine Scar Removal Back Arthritis Finger Muscle Full Body Skin Pain Relief 


Red light
660 nanometer red light;
This specific wavelength is absorbed at a higher rate by skin tissue, making it particularly effective for promoting skin health and increasing collagen production.

Near infrared
Near-infrared light at 850 nm:
This wavelength is actually outside the visible spectrum, so it might appear as if NIR lights don't work, but they're just invisible to the naked eye. Near-infrared light has a particularly strong ability to penetrate tissues, organs, and joints, making it ideal for promoting muscle recovery and reducing joint pain.

【Pain relief any part and any time】The light board can be retracted to 168 mm and can be rotated 360° to suit all parts of the body, the red LED light therapy used helps relieve muscle soreness and chronic pain, relieve stiffness; relieve arthritis caused by joint pain, swelling, stiffness.
【Best Combination Red Light Therapy】dark red 660nm promotes the growth of skin collagen, at the same time promotes the skin's aerobic respiration, accelerates cell metabolism and capillary blood circulation, and accelerates the improvement of problem skin.
【Scientific Red Light Therapy】Simple, safe, painless treatment, no drug side effects or infection risk, no addiction, can be combined with any other pain treatment.
【Easy to use】The most advanced technology. Now you can successfully relieve pain at home. Works on any part of the body, at home, office, travel, and more - anytime, anywhere, not on long drives and waiting in the hospital. It can even be used to treat your pet dog or cat.

Effects on skin care and beauty
1. 850nm infrared rays irradiate the human body to produce resonance absorption. Due to the activation of the hair follicle orifice, it will cause fatigue and aging substances, such as lactic acid, free fatty acids, cholesterol, and excessive subcutaneous fat. Subcutaneous fat is metabolized directly from the skin without passing through the kidneys. Hence, it makes the skin smooth and soft. The physiotherapy effect of far infrared rays can increase the body's thermal energy and activate cells, thereby promoting the metabolism of adipose tissue, burning and decomposing, and consuming excess fat, thereby effectively losing weight.
2. 660nm red light relaxes and strengthens capillaries, achieves blood circulation, increases oxygen and accelerates detoxification, stimulates fibroblasts, strengthens collagen structure, and proliferates fur tissue, so it also has anti-aging effects. Red light is mainly used for whitening and brightening, skin rejuvenation and wrinkle removal, smoothing fine lines, shrinking pores, and increasing collagen.
There will be slight drying after sun exposure, so please pay attention to cleaning and moisturizing. It can be used with a face mask. When irradiating the face, protect your eyes and do not look directly at the light source.


Material: ABS
Type: LED Therapy Light
Number of LEDs: 30 LEDs
Power: 25W
Actual power: about 20W
Working current: 300MA
Size: 35*134*178MM

Package Included:
1 x 20W LED Phototherapy Lamp
1 x Power Cord
1 telescopic rod (retractable up to 168 mm)
1 x User Manual

1. The irradiation distance is subject to the feeling of comfort.
2. Do not look directly at the infrared bulb with your eyes.
3. Pay attention to keeping away from all kinds of flammable materials, and pay attention to ventilation and heat dissipation of the equipment.
4. The temperature is high when used. Do not touch an open infrared bulb with your hands. Do not wipe hot bulbs to avoid damaging the special IR-A coating on the surface of the bulb.

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