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Deluxe Dog Grooming Kit

Deluxe Dog Grooming Kit

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Our Grooming Kit for Dogs includes a deshedding brush, finger toothbrush, dog nail grinder, pet wipes and pet hair roller. To keep it all organized and in one place, we added a sleek pouch bag to store all your pets’ essentials. Suitable for dogs of all sizes.


  • 5-Piece Dog Grooming Set – Thoughtfully curated bundle that includes a de-shedding or fur brush, finger toothbrush, dog nail grinder, pet wipes, and pet hair roller. It also comes with a sleek pouch bag to store all pup essentials in one place. Suitable for small & large dogs
  • Pet Wipes & Finger Brush Grooming Tools – Wipe off your dog's ears, nose, paws, butt, and other parts with this pack of 20 unscented wipes; use the extra soft finger brush on your pet's gums for easy dental care.
  • Self-Cleaning De-Shedding Brush – A dog groomer must-have, this tool gently gets rid of mats and tangles on fur. The bristles are adequately spaced so they won't scratch your pet's skin. To clean, simply slide the button to retract the bristles.
  • Nail Grinder & Pet Hair Roller – The roller has extra sticky adhesive to effectively pick up pet hair. The USB-rechargeable nail grinder works better than clippers as it trims claws with precision. Any dog grooming kit is incomplete without these two.
  • Great Gift Idea For Pet Owners – Our dog groomer kit includes 5 most basic pet grooming essential and makes a lovely gift for any fur parent. Order today by clicking the 'Add to Cart' button.


Comes with:
1x Pack of 20 Pet Wipes
1x Finger Brush
1x Self-Cleaning Deshedding Brush
1x Nail Grinder
1x Pet Hair Roller
1x Pouch Bag


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